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Trademark Check Feature

How does the Trademark Check Feature work?

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This feature allows you to check for any potential Trademark conflicts for the entries submitted to your contest. 

Watch this short video to see how to check for trademark conflict:

Our system directly searches the USPTO (United States Patents and Trademark Office) database. You will have the ability to instantly check the trademark database by clicking on "Check Availability" next to your favorite names. 

At the time of launching your contest you will be able to specify whether you would like to block entries which have a trademark conflict. If you set that preference the system will not accept any entries that have a trademark conflict. 

Alternatively, you have the option to receive entries even though there might be a conflict. This way you can see the conflict and decide whether or not it is acceptable. (Recommended)

Our Trademark Check Feature is included in our Gold and Platinum Packages. You can also add it for $49 to a Bronze Package.

Please note: this feature does not do a deep search that is typically done by a trademark attorney. Our system only checks for direct conflicts against the USPTO database. If you would like to engage a licensed Trademark Attorney to conduct comprehensive trademark search, we offer that service for an additional fee. 

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