What is the process for registering a domain at the end of my naming contest?

How do I register my name after my contest?

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If you’re going to register a domain from your naming contest, we recommend doing it as quickly as possible. In order to register your name, you’ll do so on a third-party site. We have a partnership with Godaddy that will allow you to obtain a discount on your first domain registration. 

You first need to obtain the intellectual property rights for your name before moving forward with registration; you can do so by first choosing the name as the winner of your contest. After you have selected a winner, you can then select the option to “Secure Your Domain” within your contest dashboard. 

You can also send a bonus to get intellectual property rights if you would like to get more than one name from your contest. 

If you're interested in multiple domains, here’s a helpful article about registering multiple names from your contest.

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