Add Custom DNS Records to your domains

Learn how you can add Custom DNS Records to your domains in order to setup "Catch-all" email forwarding and other features

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You now have the option to add custom DNS records for your SH portfolio. This feature can come in handy for scenarios like:

  • Setting up "Catch-all" Email Forwarding on your domains

  • Adding Verification TXT records for listing and verifying domains on third-party Marketplaces

How Does This Work?

1. Visit your Account, then head to "Settings" -> "Custom DNS Settings"

2. Add any DNS records by selecting appropriate option from the dropdown

The changes will be applied to all domains in your portfolio, with the following exceptions

  • The records will only be published if the name servers are pointing to Atom. If they are not, you will need to reach out to the registrar or hosting company managing the name servers to configure the records.

  • The TXT Verification records for third-party marketplaces will be applied only to your Standard Listings, unless our Premium Listing policy allows Premium domains to be listed on that marketplace.

It can take 4-6 hours for the records to be applied, and for your DNS changes to be propagated.

How to setup "catch-all" Email Forwarding?

Catch-all email forwarding is a feature that allows you to receive any email sent to your domains, regardless of the specific email address it was sent to. This means that if someone sends an email to any address at your domain (e.g.,, etc.), you will still receive the email. It is a convenient way to assess which of your domains are receiving emails on an ongoing basis.

You can now enable "catch-all" email forwarding on your domains by adding appropriate MX or TXT (SPF) records. There are several third party services that allow the ability to configure catch-all email forwarding (e.g., etc).

  1. Sign up with one of the email forwarding providers

  2. Obtain the setup instructions from the email forwarding provider. Typically this will include MX Records as well as TXT (SPF) Records.

  3. Add those MX and TXT (SPF) Records as shown in screenshot above.

  4. Within few hours, you should begin receiving catch-all emails to your preferred forwarding email address

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