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Atom is a crowdsourcing platform where customers receive custom name ideas for their projects from Creatives like you.

What makes an awesome name suggestion?

  • Name ideas that align with the contest brief

  • Name ideas that are easy to say and pleasing to hear 

  • Name ideas that are easy to spell

  • Name ideas that are original and created by you

How to develop strong name submissions


Business and Brand Name Ideas 101 is our most comprehensive training yet. 

Our branding team has compiled knowledge from contests winning names, marketplace finding, as well as their extensive work with clients to create 30 minutes of essential training to help you create more names that people will Like and Love. 

Our focus for this training is to (1) give you more tools for brainstorming excellent name ideas, (2) supply strategies for creating a large breadth and variety of ideas, (3) and provide very practical tips on what to avoid when creating name ideas. 

We truly believe that this is essential training, and we hope that you spend time watching the video and going through the activities outlined within. Here are two worksheet to have open while watching the new video: 

The number one thing we hear from our clients is that they want more non-descriptive names -- there are metaphoric, symbolic, visual, emotive, and story driven names -- and this video will provide tools to help you create more of these converted names. 

Ongoing Resources 

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