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What kinds of contests?

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Instead of hiring a branding agency, Atom allows you to host competitions for business names, logos and other business needs. 

Thousands of creatives across the globe compete with each other and submit their work. You only pay for the work you love the most. It’s quick, simple and costs a fraction of an agency!

Entrepreneurs and small businesses come here to crowdsource their naming, branding, and design project with our talented and passionate community. 

Clients can simply start a contest to post, and our contestants from across the globe will compete with each other and deliver high quality results. The Contest Holder selects one winner at the end of contest, who is awarded the prize.

It’s easy to get started: just launch a contest, watch as contestants from around the world submit ideas, and choose the one you like. You name your own price, you define the requirements, you set the schedule!

Choose A Category For Your Contest!

  • Naming & Tagline Contests

  • Logo, Business Cards, Stationary, Package Design, and Signage Contests

  • Website Landing Page Contests

  • And More

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