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Atom Contest Bundles allow you to purchase multiple contests at once to complete more robust branding projects and save. 

Our most popular bundle:

  • Name, Tagline, and Logo

  • Name and Logo 

  • Logo, Business Card, and Stationary

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will I save?
Savings range from $75 to $400 depending on the package (Bronze, Gold, Platinum, Managed) and bundle you select. Explore bundle pricing options.

How many contests do I receive with my bundle?  
You will receive one contest for each deliverable. For example, a (1) Name, (2) Tagline, and (3) Logo bundle includes three separate contests; while a (1) Name and (2) Logo bungle includes two separate contests. However, there are some exceptions: The Logo and Business card bundle is completed with only one contest; this is also true of our Logo, Business card, and Stationary bundle. 

How do I launch my second contest?
When you purchase a bundled contest package, your first contest will start right away. The rest of your contests will be in your "queue" ready to launch at any time. You can access your queue by clicking the Start Contest button in the upper right of any page of Atom.com.

Can I run all of my contests at the same time?
We highly recommend that you run one contest at a time, finalizing your winner before moving on to the next project. This is simply because each element may be dependent upon the others. For example, many companies like to have clean, descriptive taglines that easily convey what the business does. However, if the name that you end up choosing is very descriptive (e.g. LoanSpring), an emotional or intriguing tagline might be more meaningful. Also, many logos contain the name and tagline of the business. Therefore, we believe it is best to work on your projects sequentially. However, after you start your first contests, your additional contests are in your queue, ready for you to launch at any time. 

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