Do you offer any discounts on multiple contests?
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We cannot provide additional discounts on our contest, but we do offer bundles! 

If you are looking for a Name, Tagline and Logo for your business, we recommend purchasing our Name + Tagline +  Logo bundle package. Our bundle packages allow you to purchase multiple contests as a bundle, so you can get additional savings. 

We have a special bundle pricing which allows you to save anywhere from $100 to $600 on your Name, Tagline, and Logo contests.

We have five contest levels, each providing more benefits at a slightly increased cost. By using a Name, Tagline and Logo bundle, you can get your name, tagline and logo for as low as $597. 

Here is the pricing page, so you can look at all your options.

In addition throughout your contest, you actually earn points based on your engagement with the Creative Community. 

You can view your active balance on your Atom dashboard. Your points can be transferred into a numerical account that can be used as a discount off your second Contest.  Use the  ‘Redeem Points’ Button on the payment page to apply your accumulated points towards your next contest. 

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