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Why should I Guarantee my Contest? How do I do it?

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Why should I Guarantee my Contest?

By Guaranteeing your contest, you are signaling to the contestants that a winner will certainly be chosen for the contest. This results in increased participation, a higher number of entries, and better quality of submissions. Here’s why:

  • Greater Participation: Some of our top-tier Creatives only participate in those contests which are guaranteed. Therefore, if your contest is currently not guaranteed, you might be missing out on participation from many creatives.

  • Higher Quality: Creatives work harder if they know that a winner will definitely be chosen for a contest. At any given time, we have many contests running on, the Creatives prioritize their work and research time for those contests which are guaranteed. Therefore, by guaranteeing your contest, you will likely see higher quality of entries.

  • More Entries: Guaranteed contests typically see at least 30% more entries compared to non-guaranteed contests.

Guaranteed contests are the safest bet for Creatives to enter, and receive the most creatives and best quality work.

Our Bronze packages are always guaranteed. If you choose a Gold or Platinum Package, you have the option to keep the contest as Guaranteed or Non Guaranteed. When a Contest Holder upgrades to a guaranteed contest, they formally guarantee a that winner will be chosen and the prize money will be awarded. These contests have had the prize money prepaid to Atom, who awards the prize to the winning Creative at the end of the contest.

Guaranteed contests can only be cancelled under the following conditions:

  • If it is determined by Atom that the contest payment was incomplete, fraudulent or the Contest Holder violated Atom's Terms of Service

  • Contest was created in a wrong category or there was an error while creation of the contest. 

Note: Guaranteed contests are not eligible for refund because a winner must be selected in these contests.

How do I Guarantee my Contest?

During the process of setting up your  Gold and Platinum contest, there is an option at the very end where you can choose to guarantee or not guarantee your contest. 

If your contest is already live, you can choose to switch it to Guaranteed at any time during your contest. It's easy. Go to your contest page and there will be a button in the top left of the page that says "Guarantee Contest". 

Alternatively, the Atom team can quickly take care of it for you. Simply tell us using our customer service chat, located in the bottom right corner of your screen. 

Option 1: Guarantee Contest Before Launching

Option 2: Guarantee Contest After Launched

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