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Submitting Entries To A Contest
Submitting Entries To A Contest

How do I submit entries?

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Follow the steps below or watch this video to learn how to submit an entry to a contest.

In order to enter a contest, navigate to your profile and click on the Active Contests tab. Choose a contest to join by clicking on the name of the contest. Once you have read the project brief and you are ready to submit your entry, simply click on the “Submit Your Entry” button located on the right side of the contest page. 

As a Creative, you can participate in most contests. However, there are a few exceptions:

  • If you have recently joined Atom, you can only participate in those contests that are assigned to you by Atom. Typically contests are assigned to you within 24 hours after you join Atom.

  • Invite Only” contests are only open to Tier A Creatives. Here's how to earn Tier A status.

  • "Early Access" When a contest is launched, it will be only open to those creatives who have a Percentile Score of 80% or higher. After 3 hours, it will be open to all creatives with a percentile score of 70% or higher. After that, the contest will be open to all creatives.

  • If your Percentile Score does not allow your Early Access, creatives are able to trade in their points (accumulated from participation, receiving good ratings, and winning contests) to enter contests early. 

You will be able to submit entries based on your allowed limit. Your maximum number of entries is determined by the quality of past submissions. If you have received good ratings on your other contests, your maximum limit will automatically increase. Similarly, if you receive too many low ratings, your maximum limit will decrease. Learn more about how entry limits are calculated (Atom Points, Badges, and Stats).

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