How To Improve the Discovery of Your Names In The Marketplace

Instant Domains Submission Guidelines

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When you are submitting a domain into the Marketplace, it is important to classify the name with rich information, so the name can show up in relevant searches. 

By including the most relevant information with the entry classification, your name will show up in more relevant searches which can result in a higher likelihood of selling your name.


  1. Make sure at least 2 or 3 possible uses are selected for each name (e.g. Agency, Tech, Marketing, etc.).

  2. Select at least 4 or 5 Keywords for each name. 

  3. Write a rich description that explains your name to potential buyers. The description should be at least 2 or 3 lines long so that it provides enough context. [e.g. Sephana - This timeless name will help you develop a sophisticated brand. Sephana is short, elegant, and high-end].  

  4. If you have a multi-word name, make sure to capitalize each word. For Example, should be submitted as This way, if someone searches for "Omni" or "Lend", your name will show up in both cases. If you do not capitalize the words, we will only include your name if it starts with the search keyword. In the above example, if you did not capitalize each word, your name will only show if someone searches for "omni", and It will not appear in search results if someone searched for "lend". 

AI-Based Smart Recommendations

In addition to adding relevant classification information to your names, Atom has also added a new feature that offers personalized recommendations for your domain portfolio to help increase your domain exposure.

Check out our in-depth article to learn more.

Revenue Generating Landing Pages

Atom makes a significant investment in paid advertising to promote domains listed in the Marketplace. That's why we are happy to announce our new feature, Revenue Generating Landing Pages.

With this feature, you can earn a referral commission by pointing your domains to Atom.

If a buyer comes directly to your landing page by typing your Domain URL, we will keep track of the buyer's visit and their purchase activity for 7 days by storing a "Cookie" on their computer.

If instead of purchasing your domain, the buyer purchases another domain from our Marketplace (belonging to another seller), you will earn a commission.

Read more about this offer in our in-depth help article.

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