How Do I Get Complimentary Atom Coins?

Learn how to get a complimentary Atom Coins

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Effective June 5, 2020 this policy has been suspended. No complimentary coins will be offered by SH - however sellers can receive discounts on coin purchases based upon their membership Tier, or by using points.

Here is the original policy for reference (now discontinued):

You can use your Atom coins for various benefits on the SH platform - such as priority review of your premium domains, requesting Lifestyle images - which can greatly enhance the discovery and buyer interest for your marketplace domains.

Here are some examples of Lifestyle images which are used to promote your domains in special advertising to potential buyers on platforms such as Facebook.

In the future, you will also be able to use Atom Coins for several other benefits on the platform. 

How to Earn Complimentary Atom Coins

  • Share the details of your overall SH marketplace experience, or recent domain sales on a third party Domaining website such as NamePros

  • After posting, send us a link or screenshot of your post via email ( or Chat. 

  • You will earn anywhere from 1 to 5 Atom Coins based upon the length, depth, uniqueness, and helpfulness of your post (as assessed by the Atom team). 

  • Where Can I Post? Although you can post your experience on any Domaining related websites or threads, here are some threads that might be relevant (Topic 1, Topic 2, Topic 3). 

  • Content Guidelines: Please keep your content original, balanced  and factual. Please avoid posting promotional content. We recommend sharing your own experience with specific facts such as specific domain sales, or any other relevant information. 

  • Note:  You can earn a max of 15 complimentary Atom Coins per month. 

Following types of Posts Qualify for Complimentary Atom Coins

  • Posts containing specific reports of your domain sales sold to end users

  • Posts providing a comprehensive and in-depth review of your overall experience with Atom

  • Conversational threads or responses to other conversations do not typically qualify for complimentary Atom coins.

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