Submitting domains with or without Coins?

Learn about the differences between submitting your domains to Our Marketplace with or without coins

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As a domain seller, you have the option to submit your domains for free, or by using 1 coin. Each coin costs $1 to purchase, however you also receive discounts ranging from 10% to 50% for bulk purchases, and by using your accumulated points. 

What's included with Free Submissions?

Even if you do not use coins, you receive the following benefits for your submissions:

  • Complimentary Logo Design for approved domains

  • Massive advertising spend by Atom to promote your domains across various marketing channels (Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

  • 24 X 7 Sales and support teams to handle inquiries for your domains via Chat, Email, or Phone

  • Ability to submit your premium domains in Atom Contests

  • Complimentary Syndication of your domains in Sedo and Sedo MLS

  • Additional Syndication partners (to be announced in the near future)

  • Complimentary Expert Review Process:  Your domain submissions will be reviewed by more than a dozen domain experts. Typical review time: less than 5 business days.

  • Ability to list and liquidate your domains in the Wholesale Marketplace. 

Benefits of Using Coins for Domain Submissions

In addition to all the above benefits of Free Submissions, you receive the following additional benefits while using coins:

  • Lower Selling Commission to Atom. (30% commission for domains priced under $2499 instead of the standard 35% )

  • Ability to submit unregistered domains for review. You register the domains after they are approved, and pay 30% commission to Atom.

  • Partial Exclusivity Benefit - Ability to list your domains in authorized marketplaces outside Atom. Learn More

  • Expedited Review of Your Marketplace Submissions (Typically 1-2 business days).

Important: If you are a new user, we recommend starting with "Free Submission" option. This will allow you to get a better understanding of approval rates as well as the platform without spending any upfront money. If you do not see the Free Submission option in your account, send your domain portfolio link to us so that we can review and authorize your account. You can send your domain portfolio link via email to or via chat (by clicking the blue button). 

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