Syndication & Exposure For Your Domains via Sedo & Sedo MLS Network

Learn how you can achieve additional exposure for your Premium and Standard Listings via automatic syndication

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We automatically syndicate all your Premium listings to Sedo as well as Sedo MLS Network. This ensures that all your domains are not only listed on the Sedo Marketplace, they are also listed across 650+ domain registrars and partner marketplaces

Now your Standard Listings can also be automatically syndicated to Sedo as well as Sedo MLS Network

Are all Standard Listings Eligible?

Only those Standard listings where Name Servers are pointing to Atom Name Servers are eligible for Sedo syndication at this time.

How do I enable Automatic Sedo syndication for Standard Listings?

Go to your Syndication Dashboard and make sure the Auto Syndication option is enabled for your Sedo Listings. Keep in mind that in order for this option to work, you will need to point the name servers to Atom.

How are prices Managed?

We automatically synchronize the prices with Sedo so you do not have to worry about manually updating them. If you change your BIN price on Atom, it will automatically be updated on Sedo and all partner websites within 24 hours.

How are commissions handled?

You will pay standard commission to Atom when the name sells via Sedo network. For example, if your Standard listing domain sells via Sedo platform, you will receive your NET payout will be Atom BIN price (minus the 7.5% Atom commission).

In case of Premium Listings, you will pay the Atom commission as per the commission rate for that domain.

We may add a small markup to the Sedo listed BIN price in order to account for the commission that is payable to Sedo. Atom pays this commission directly to Sedo and it can range from 15% to 20%. Therefore, the actual selling price on Sedo may be slightly higher than the Atom price, however this difference will not exceed 20%.

How do I resolve verification related issues with Sedo listings?

Atom handles the verification requirements for Sedo listings so you do not need to add any TXT records or other DNS changes to verify your ownership. In some rare occasions, Atom may not be able to upload your listing to Sedo due to prior listing issues. In those cases, you may need to contact Sedo to get the previous listing removed. You should be able to see such errors via your Syndication dashboard.

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