Import a Lead for Premium Listings

Learn how you can pay reduced commissions (15%) for directly negotiated premium listings

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If you receive a direct inbound inquiry on your premium listing or find a buyer for one of your premium listings outside our platform, you can import that lead and pay reduced commission (15%) to our platform.


Our marketplace invests in significant advertising across various digital platforms to promote the premium listings to potential buyers. However there can be situations where a buyer may contact you directly for one of your premium listings, or you may make a contact with a potential buyer via outbound marketing. In those situations, the new Import Lead feature can be beneficial because you will pay reduced commissions on the sale.


  • Reduced 15% commission on Premium Listings (instead of standard 25-30%)

  • Offers more flexibility and avenues to sell your premium listings

  • Escrow and Payment Process handled by our team

  • Customer Support and Transfer assistance by our team

Here's how it works:

1. From your Premium Listings, click on "Import Lead" option from the Actions dropdown.

2. Provide the customer information, and purchase price

3. The lead will be automatically added to your offer center and the buyer will receive instructions via email on how to complete the purchase

4. Upon completion of payment and successful transfer to the buyer, you will only pay 15% commission to us instead of the standard premium commission

Important Notes

  • This feature is only available for seller owned listings (not SH registered domains)

  • The negotiated price must be at least 50% of the BIN price or higher

  • This feature is only available for outright purchase (not for payment plans)

  • A similar feature is also available for Standard/ WLM listings, in which case you only pay 4.5% commissions. Learn more about Import Lead feature for Standard Listings

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