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Import a Lead For Standard/ WLM Listings
Import a Lead For Standard/ WLM Listings

Learn how you can pay 4.5% commission on Imported Leads

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If you have found a buyer for one of your domains outside our platform, you can import that lead and only pay 4.5% commission to us.


  • Low 4.5% commission on Imported leads

  • Escrow and Payment Process handled by us

  • Customer Support and Transfer assistance by our team

Here's how it works:

1. From your Standard Listings, click on "Import Lead" option from the Actions dropdown.

2. Provide the customer information, and purchase price

3. The lead will be automatically added to your offer center and the buyer will receive instructions via email on how to complete the purchase

4. You can also continue further negotiations with the buyer via Offer Center

5. Upon completion of payment and successful transfer to the buyer, you will only pay 4.5% commission to our platform instead of the standard 7.5% commission

Important Notes

  • The import lead option is only for those buyers who have not previously interacted with you via the WLM or our platform. Using this option for any buyers who have previously interacted with you via WLM or our platform is against our policy.

  • This feature is available for Standard/ WLM listings

  • The minimum selling price to use Import a Lead feature must be $300 or greater

  • If you currently do not have a listing and would like to use this feature, simply add it as a Standard Listing. Once the listing has been added, you can follow steps above to use this feature. You do not need to have a WLM (White Label Marketplace) to use this feature.

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