How do you handle Bulk Portfolio Submissions?

For sellers considering submitting a large bulk portfolio of domains to Our Premium Marketplace

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If you are considering listing a large portfolio of your domains in Atom Premium Marketplace, this article may be beneficial.


As a background, Atom offers a highly curated Marketplace which means that we only accept those names which will likely resonate with our buyers.

We typically recommend listing a smaller portfolio first, so that you can get a better idea of the styles and types of names that work well in our Marketplace. We also encourage a diversified portfolio strategy, which means that it is better to diversify your portfolio across different Marketplaces, or your own landing pages so that you can continue to gauge which platform is helping you achieve best results for your specific portfolio.

The below process has been outlined to offer a clear and standardized method of review and acceptance for all bulk reviews going forward.

How to Submit?

Our Expert Review process offers the fastest mechanism to get your names listed on our platform. As an alternative, you also have the option to get your names reviewed by Atom internal team.

If you are submitting less than 1000 names, we recommend submitting them online via your Marketplace Listings page. We also recommend submitting them in chunks of 100-200 names initially so that you get a better familiarity with our Marketplace acceptance criteria. We continue to revise our acceptance criteria, and we have published a helpful article about how to improve your acceptance rate in our Marketplace.

If you are submitting more than 1000 names, you have the option to send the domains directly to Atom team via a spreadsheet in order to make the on-boarding and listing process as efficient as possible.

Note: During the portfolio review, we will evaluate your domains for an overall fit with our marketplace and will only accept those names that we believe resonate with our customers. Please refer to our FAQ section regarding expected acceptance rates.

If you are submitting your portfolio via spreadsheet, please send it to us via email at or via our 24x7 Chat. Please include the domain name as well as target listing price in your submission.

Our team will do an initial assessment of your portfolio, and provide feedback on your portfolio's overall fit with Atom premium Marketplace. We may also be able to give you a broad idea of expected acceptance % for your specific portfolio.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to get most of my portfolio accepted if I submit via the spreadsheet method?

Unfortunately all portfolios are reviewed by Atom team to ensure that our Marketplace stays as curated as possible. Regardless of the size of your portfolio, it is unlikely that we will able to accept all or most of your domains in our premium section. There have been few cases where certain sellers have presented curated portfolios which directly align with our Marketplace. In those cases, the sellers have been able to achieve a very high acceptance rate. However this is rare, and even if you are submitting a portfolio from another curated brandable Marketplace, it is unlikely that you will receive a 100% or close to 100% acceptance.

However, you do have the option to list your remaining domains in our Standard section which offers several benefits and extremely low commissions (7.5%). Learn the difference between Premium and Standard Listings

Will you be able to tell upfront what % of my names will be accepted?

While we are unable to determine an exact acceptance rate until we review all domains individually in your portfolio, in many cases we can provide a broad estimate based upon a high level review of your portfolio. Your acceptance rate will likely range from 10% to 40%, depending upon the quality and overall fit with our Marketplace. If you have a curated portfolio of high quality, aged, brandable domains, your acceptance rate will likely be higher.

My names are already listed in another Brandable Marketplace. Can I move my entire portfolio to Atom?

Since each Marketplace may follow different criteria for acceptance, we typically are not able to accept the entire portfolio in our premium section even if they've been accepted by another Brandable Marketplace. However, if the names have already gone through vetting and approval process by another Marketplace, it is likely that your acceptance % will be higher than our platform average.

What benefits are you able to offer to Large Portfolio holders?

As you increase your listings with Atom, you receive several additional benefits based upon your Membership Tiers. These benefits give you access to additional features in our platform as well as complimentary services and discounts on Coin purchases.

Do I have to purchase Coins upfront to submit these domains?

We offer two submission methods (Free Submissions or Coin based Submissions). The Coin submission option provides additional benefits. If you are submitting a bulk portfolio of 1000+ domains, our team will do an initial assessment of your portfolio at no upfront cost. We will provide you a general idea of your expected approval % as well as some feedback on styles and types of names that we may be able to accept from your portfolio. If you are purchasing more than 500 coins, we can typically offer a discount on bulk coin purchases.

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