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How To Improve Your Domain Acceptance Rate In The Premium Marketplace
How To Improve Your Domain Acceptance Rate In The Premium Marketplace

Learn about our tips to improve your domain acceptance rate.

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Atom's domain acceptance rate is typically between the range of 6-8%. While this may seem strict, we pride ourselves on maintaining a high-quality, premium Marketplace that countless buyers and sellers are drawn to.

However, it's important to understand that there are tasks you can take into consideration before submitting your domains to our Premium Marketplace that can increase your acceptance rate. Check out our help article that walks you through Atom's acceptance guidelines.

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Brandable VS SEO Domains

Atom is a brandable domain marketplace.

It's important to understand that there are numerous types of domains that hold significant value in their own right.

Geolocation domains or SEO focused domains can have value, but they are not brandable.

Brandable domains are names you would put on a new product, brand, startup, etc. Our top industries such as Food & Drink, Real Estate, Beauty & Cosmetics, are great examples of what names work for these brandable products.

Love The Journey

It's important to understand there are no secret tips and tricks to become the greatest domainer. Be sure to check out our naming blog that walks you through proven tools and techniques to create names that people will like and love.

However, we do have some items that are helpful to follow to further increase your domain acceptance rate.

1. Follow Atom Marketplace Sales

This doesn't mean you should copy a tiny variation of a recently sold domain, but instead keep tabs on any trends you see occurring within the Marketplace and what is being sold.

2. Keep a Pulse on New Brands

Find list of Unicorn Startups and follow top accelerators like YCombinator Businesses to keep a pulse on startup names. Keeping an eye on the names given to new brand and products in multiple industries is a great way to develop your naming skills.

Following the variety of names coming from these main categories is a great way to again understand trends.

From these lists, try and develop your own style and what domain names seem to work best for your personal style.

3. Utilize Squadhelp And Other Educational Resources

From Help Articles, to in-depth explainer videos, we have taken the steps to really help domain sellers and everyone else who utilizes our platform how to come up with a great name.

Be sure to take advantage of our widely available education resources and tools that can help you better understand the Marketplace and get the most out of our platform.

How To: Create Great Names

In order to build out a great name, it's important to understand the different types or styles of names you can create. Be sure to explore our Naming Guidelines for submitting quality domains into our Marketplace.

Powerful Names

Powerful names can capture emotional resonance such as Triumph Motorcycles, Greenpeace, or Salvation Army.

Powerful names can also capture these elements:

  • Story element such as Burt's Bees

  • Fun/cute such as MailChimp or Squatty Potty

  • Visual Names such as Blue Rhino


Synergy is about how you combine the elements of your name.

Synergy can take these various forms:

  • Visual Name such as Red Bull.

  • Tense Names such as Lazy Dog.

It's important to note that two good words don't always mesh well together. For example, BlueDefeat doesn't have any impact or memorable factors. 'Blue' and 'Defeat' on their own are strong, but when combined, they don't bring much to the table.

Pragmatic Names

Utilizing strong keywords that can easily direct people to understand what your name or brand is about creates strong, memorable pragmatic names.

Pragmatic Name Examples:

  • PayPal - The word 'pay' indicates this is a payment based site. The word 'pal' not only offers great alliteration, but a friendly, welcoming presence as well.

  • SnapChat - The word 'chat' indicates this is a communication based app that's quick and easy to use thanks to the word 'snap'.

Utilizing other strong keywords that are industry-focused such as Key or Curb for Real Estate are other great examples. Always remember the difference between Pragmatic and Descriptive.

Check out our playlist with all of our videos relating to the Premium Marketplace with other helpful resources and tools to get the most out of your Marketplace experience.

Additional Concepts And Tools

Here are 6 main concepts to keep in mind when creating a great domain name:

  1. Short and brandable names

  2. .com names are King

  3. Realistic pricing

  4. Domain usability

  5. Include big ideas / emotions

  6. Mixing types of names

Short and Brandable Names

All else being equal, short names are better. However, that doesn't mean short names are the end all be all when creating names. As discussed, Red Bull is more powerful than Bull alone. Considering many of the above principles, names with two words can often be more powerful than one. Which means that longer names can be better. But in the end, 4-5 character names sell very well, and names with more than 8 characters are typically not in high demand.

Also, when it comes to 4-letter names, we typically do not accept names that cannot be pronounced. We know that these can have value for acronyms and other uses, but we do not feel that are a good fit for our Brandable Marketplace.

.Com Names Are King

We do accept alternative extensions (i.e. .io, .org, .co) but these are reserved for Real English words, popular phrases, etc.

Strong blends, compounds, and other name types are typically only accepted as a .com name.


If you are pricing your domains at a high price point, which is not in line with other similar names in the marketplace, this can be a factor in acceptance.


A name should be easy to say, spell, and remember.

Big Ideas / Emotions

When submitting domains to the Marketplace, including big ideas / emotions that connect to the domain is a great way to help build a bigger story.

This is also useful for potential buyers who are looking for a particular domain name that elicits a specific feeling (happiness, power, sass) but are not sure the exact keywords that they want in their name.

Mixing Types

Types of names are things like Compound Names, Blends, This & That, Misspellings etc. Our typical rule is to avoid mixing these types of names together.

An example is Lyft. This is a type of a slight misspelling. If you are creating a name for a Finance brand and submit MintLyft, you are more likely to have your domain rejected.

This is because you are combining a misspelled name and a compound name. When mixing types of names, you end up with non-brandable, confusing names that don't sound or look great.

Simple Naming Tests

A few easy naming tests we like to do at Atom marketplace help us understand the usability of a name.

Here is a list of usability guidelines we follow:

  • Read to speak - If you see a name written down on a piece of paper, can you pronounce this name easily and correctly?

  • Hear to spell - If someone told you this name aloud, would you be able to correctly spell that name?

  • Speak to hear - If you say the name aloud, does it sound like something else?

  • Contextual sounds - Does the name actually sound good out loud?


When it comes to submitting domains into our Marketplace, it's important to stop and remember these useful tools and resources to understand what is typically accepted and what is not.

While there is no secret handbook or top tips and tricks to perfecting your domain submission rate, following along with these guidelines is a great start.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns about how to improve your domain acceptance rate, our 24/7 Chat Support Team is always there to answer any questions you have.

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