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At Atom, we continue to revise our acceptance criteria from time to time based upon our ongoing learnings, sales insights as well as buyer interest. For broad guidance on what types of names do we accept. please review our Core Submission Best Practices.

The below section covers more specific guidelines and will be revised from time to time. We hope that this information will help sellers make the most efficient use of their time (as well as coins).

Updated Guidelines September 23, 2023:

  • Abstract Names - We continue to see a strong demand for abstract names, especially if they are short and pronounceable.

  • Adult Names - We typically do not accept "Adult names" in our Marketplace, especially if they have any offensive connotation. However if the name is tasteful, we may accept it.

  • Political Names - While we do accept names in the Politics category, we are unlikely to accept names that promote a specific political party, person or affiliation.

  • Clarification on Recently Hand-Reg Names - Our previously posted guideline related to hand-reg domains may have been misunderstood. To clarify, we are still accepting recent hand-reg domains to the Marketplace. If your name has received high ratings in Atom contests, it is much more likely to be accepted.

Updated Guidelines August 31, 2020:

  • 4 Letter Names - While we remain bullish on 4-Letter names, we have revised our acceptance criteria to focus mainly on pronounceable 4-letter names. In the past, we may have accepted 4-letter names that do not include vowels or are not pronounceable, however it is unlikely these types of names will be accepted going forward.

  • Additional TLDs - We are now accepting .tech, .vc, .xyz in addition to .co, .io, .me, .ly. However please note that for non .com extensions, we will typically only accept real English words, or powerful word combinations that can make a great brand name.

  • Recently Hand-Reg Names - If you are submitting unregistered names, or recently hand-registered names, please note that the names which received high ratings in our naming contests are much more likely to get accepted.

  • Misspellings - Misspellings such as "Qana" or "Cana" instead of "Canna" are unlikely to be accepted in the Marketplace any more. Intentional, and commonly acceptable forms of misspellings (such as Blu instead of Blue, or Tru instead of True) are ok, especially if they can make a great brand name.

  • Obvious Trademark Conflicts - Any names which include an obvious Trademark conflict will not be accepted.

  • Short Names - We continue to see a high sell through on short, 1-3 syllable names. Such names are much more likely to be accepted.

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