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What if I don't like any suggestions?

Please advising the following practices to improve your contest results

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Although there are many factors that affect your results, here are a couple strategies we suggest as you’re going about your contest. 

We recommend the following practices to better your results:

  • Update the brief to contain more details about the essence of the brand and your naming criteria (e.g. What makes a good name for you).

  • Providing ratings. Although it can be difficult to, we recommend you be straight forward with your ratings. In order to facilitate more of a brainstorming process, we recommend encouraging creatives with the ratings to get them thinking in the right direction.

  • Provide feedback on individual names. Engaging with these creatives to brainstorm more names is highly suggested. Getting specific and not utilizing the "quick replies" in the drop down can help engage the creative even more.  What parts of the name did you like?  What types of names would you like to see more of?

  • Give daily public feedback to the entire community.  Sending out a public message in the "Messages" tab to "All Contestants" to reiterate the type of name you are looking for (not giving any specific names) and the essence of what you want the name to represent is also highly suggested.  This will help re-engage the community

You'll find more of our engagement best practices in this article HERE.

If we need further assistance please feel free to reach out to our support team by clicking in the lower right hand. 

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