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How necessary is the Trademark package when running a business?
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It is important to trademark your name for full protection to make sure that no other company in the same business focus can use your name. 

The names on Atom Marketplace or names that have been entered into Atom contests do not include trademarks or business registration, as that is not possible. In order to apply for a trademark or business registration, you are required to specify the business in details including: location, type/industry, name of Director(s), and what services the company/product will provide. Since our names can be purchased by anyone for any use, it would not be possible for us to file a trademark in advance.

We recommend that you do some research and/or seek legal advice to ensure that the name you are interested in does not have a direct Trademark conflicts by a competitor in your industry and within your region. If there is no direct conflict, or the existing trademark is unrelated to how you plan to use it, then you have a good chance of being able to trademark the name yourself. If there is an existing trademark, keep in mind that, as long as your business is in a different industry, you may still be able to file a trademark for the name. 

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