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Atom Trademark Research Service

Atom's Professional Trademark Research Service is a comprehensive search on up to 3 of your favorite names or one logo or tagline for Trademark Availability and Potential Conflicts. 

Ordering a Trademark Report on your favorite name or names is a great way to help decrease the risk of legal issues in the future - because nothing disrupts growing a business like a slew of cease and desist letters!

Our trademark reports are carried out by Trademark Attorneys and include a detailed analysis of Trademark availability and potential as well as a simple safety score designed to be easily understood even if you didn't go to law school. Whether you're building an SaaS company, launching an online cosmetics brand, or starting up a florist that specializes in arrangements shaped like mythical creatures, you can help protect the future of your business with Atom Trademark Research Service. Free Trademark Search

Before you start, you can also run your list of potential names through our Free Trademark Tool. It searches multiple databases for exact and close-match names, so you can embark on Trademark Research with the knowledge one or more of your names is likely to be available.

Our service includes the following:

  • A comprehensive search on up to 3 names that you might have shortlisted, carried out by a professional Trademark Attorney.

  • A report that includes a detailed analysis of potential conflicts, plus an overall Risk Score. You can learn more about How Trademark Reports are generated here.

You can simply purchase one of our Professional Trademark Research Services with one simple step. Simply click on the link below to get started. For a limited time, we are offering an EXTRA $50 discount for this service!

How Much Does It Cost?

Our comprehensive Trademark search service costs $179 however for a limited time, we are offering a $50 discount on this service. The report is typically delivered in 1-3 business days.

If you'd like to run a report for 1 name, the cost would be $49. Please click here to complete the payment and send our team the name and country you'd like the report ran for along with a brief description of your business to

Can I Include Names That Were Not Submitted In My Contest?

Absolutely! You can include your own names, even if they were not submitted in your naming contest. 

How Is This Different From The Instant Trademark Check In My Contest Package?

The instant Trademark check simply does a direct match with USPTO database. This service is a much more comprehensive research (including variations).

We recommend conducting this search first and then picking a winner based upon the results of this search.

What If The Trademark Report Finds A Conflict On All My Favorite Names?

You can request an additional search for more names received in your contest (for an additional fee).

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