Get Paid via Bank/ Wire Transfer

Learn how to receive your payouts via Wise Bank/ Wire Transfers

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We now offer the ability to withdraw your funds via ACH or Wire Transfers. This service is offered via (Formerly known as Transferwise).

In order to select this Payment method, go to your Account Details page, click on Add Payment Method and select "Add Bank Transfer"

You also have the option to select your preferred currency. Choosing your local currency can help minimize any currency conversion costs because the currency conversion/ transfer fees via are typically significantly lower than other alternatives.

For US based accounts, select USD as the currency, and choose Local Bank Account and provide your ACH details. For any accounts based outside USD, you will typically select the SWIFT option

Are There Any Fees Involved?

Atom does not charge any additional fees for processing transfers via However you are responsible for any fees that are charged by For USD based transfers within United States, these fees are typically less than $1 per transfer. For any transfers outside United States, the fees may vary based on the country.

You also have the option to setup your own USD bank account, in which case typically does not charge any additional fees for transfers.

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