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How is my percentile ranking score calculated? What is a PRS?

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Your Percentile Ranking Score is a relative score that provides your overall ranking on Atom (based upon CH ratings). 

We use this score to determine how many entries you can submit in future contests. The higher your Percentile Ranking Score is, you are able to submit more entries.
For example, if your Percentile Ranking Score is 89%, it means that you rank higher than 89% of other contestants, based upon the ratings you have received from contest holders. 

How is your Percentile Ranking Score Calculated? 

Your Percentile Ranking Score is a combination of several factors (over the last 6 months): 

  • Percentage of your total submitted entries that were liked or loved by contest holders

  • Your overall contest wins 

  • How often were you removed from the contest by CH for not following the brief

The first thing to keep in mind is that a string of like it and love it ratings in your Activity Feed, does not necessarily correlate to the changes to your Percentile Score. There's simply much more to it.

Here are three of many situations that explain this:

(1) High Ratings Relative to Number of Entries - You're particularly fast and inspired and submit double your usual entries. You typically submit 50 entries a day and receive 10 high ratings, but for two days, you've averaged 150 submissions and receive 30 high ratings. In this situation, while your number of high ratings increased, your percent of high ratings is the same (20%).

(2) High Ratings in Relation to Your Fellow Creatives - There are one or two active contests where CHs are rating using a non-standard curve. They've given 75 love it ratings and 150 like it ratings. You receive an influx of high ratings, but so has everyone else. So, again, your number of high ratings increases, but everyone has been graced with this influx, so your high ratings in relation to your fellow creatives does not change.

(3) High Ratings Recently Received - You've had a good day with several high ratings. One of your better days, but certainly not your best. Your Percentile Score is based on your last 180 days of participation, so each day your high-rating-over-number-of-entries is calculated and considered; but, each day, an old high-rating-over-number-of-entries is dropped off. Therefore, it is possible to add a good day but lose a better day and see a small drop.

Also note that like it and love it ratings are indeed weighted differently, so this is another factor.

To summarize, your Percentile Score is based on 180 days of participation, number of like its, number of love it, number of total entries, performance of your peers, rating strategy of individual CHs, and more. 

Your Percentile Score is a productive measure that we find helpful for the platform's success. It is not an objective measure of your skill or worth--and we love you all equally. 

I Am New, Where Can I See My Percentile Score?

If you are fairly new, or have participated in less than 10 contests, we do not calculate your Percentile Ranking Score.  We want to see a consistent pattern of participation and contest holder ratings before we calculate this score. Once you have participated in at least 10 contests, you will automatically see this information on your 'public profile' page (go to My Account, left sidebar).

How Can I Improve My Percentile Score?

Follow these tips to improve your percentile score. It is important that you not let the percentile score drop too much because a low percentile score will limit your ability to participate in future contests.

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