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Submitting your registered domains to contests (premium domains)
Submitting your registered domains to contests (premium domains)
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One of the key benefits of using Atom is that all contest name submissions can be screened for domain availability.

With this in mind, there are several important factors when determining if a name has an available domain: 

  • In the contest brief, you will discover if a Contest Holder is looking for an exact match domain (StoneEagle, or is open to minor variations (e.g.,, or 

  • In the brief, you will also find the domain extensions that a Contest Holder is open to (.com, .co, .io, .ly, and more). 

If you own premium domains and would like to submit them to contests, your first step is to submit them for listing in Atom Marketplace. Once the domain is approved in Atom marketplace, you can submit it to any relevant contest.

If you already have domains listed as Premium listings, you can submit them to any contest.

Premium Domains will be shown to the Contest Holder as Premium. If the name wins the contest, you will receive either the commission from your Marketplace Domain sale or the contest award amount - whichever amount is larger. 

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