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What happens if I want to buy a premium name after launching a contest?
What happens if I want to buy a premium name after launching a contest?

Advise to this article for contest holders that are wanting to purchase a domain on the Marketplace after starting a contest

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If you are looking to purchase a premium domain after launching a contest, in most cases, we have the ability to apply the award amount from your contest towards a marketplace domain. 

If you are in the midst of running your contest, and you see a premium domain that catches your attention from our Marketplace, we will be able to conclude your contest, and apply your award amount towards the desired domain. 

For example, in our Platinum level naming contest the award amount is $300. If you are looking at a marketplace domain that is $1,999, we’d be able to apply $300 towards this domain bringing the price down to $1,699.

The best part is that these premium domains already include a complimentary Logo design, so you can save the cost of designing a Logo. If you purchased a Name + Logo bundle, we can also refund the cost of your unused Logo contest in this situation. 

Important: The Premium domain Listings are listed in Atom Marketplace via an exclusive listing agreement on behalf of sellers. These domains must be acquired directly via Atom Marketplace.

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