Premium Domain Exposure: Contest Submission Incentives For Creatives

Learn how you can incentivize the creative community to submit your premium domains to contests

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One of the benefits of listing your names in Atom Premium Marketplace is the ability to submit those names to hundreds of naming contests that are active on Atom platform at any time.

You can also allow other creatives to submit your names to relevant contests. If the contest holder selects the name as the winner and purchases the domain, the creative receives the full contest award, and you receive the proceeds from your domain sale. A win-win for everyone.

In order to further encourage the creative community to submit your names, you now have the options to offer an additional incentive to creatives. If you offer this additional incentive, the creative will receive 5% commission from your sale proceeds (max $300) if the contest holder moves forward with the purchase.

Here's an example:

Let's say your domain selling price is $3000 and Atom commission is 30%. Your net proceeds under normal circumstance would be $2100. However if you enable the contest submission incentive, and if the contest holder ends up buying the name after it was submitted by another creative, you will pay 5% to the creative. In other words, you will pay $150 in this case to the creative, and your net proceeds will be $1950. In addition, the creative will also earn the standard contest award (paid by Atom) if that name is selected as a winner.

Key Benefits

This feature not only allows you to increase your overall exposure, it can also help boost the rankings of your names in the Marketplace. When a contest holder likes a name submitted to the contest, it improves the ranking of the name in the premium Marketplace. Even if the CH does not buy that name, it will likely lead to additional ongoing exposure because of its improved rankings.

How To Enable This Feature

Go to your Marketplace Preferences and make sure the "Submission to Contests" is enabled for other creatives. If that option is enabled, you will also see an additional section for "Offer Incentives For Contest Submission".

If you decide to keep the additional incentive disabled, your names will still be eligible for contest submissions by other creatives. However in that case the creatives will not receive the incentive payment, they will only receive the contest award (from Atom) if the name is selected as the winner.

For Creatives

How Do I Find Premium Domains That Offer Submission Incentives?

When you submit an entry to a contest, you can click on Eligible Premium Domains to view all the domains that are eligible for contest submissions.

You will then be able to filter by those names that offer additional incentives:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the max amount that a creative can earn from submitting other seller's premium domains?

    If you submit another seller's premium domain to a contest, the max you can earn is $300, plus the contest award. If a premium incentive is available, you will see that message at the time of entry submission.

  • When will creatives be paid this incentive?

    The creatives will be paid at the same time as the sellers receive their payment (after completion of domain transfer). For installment purchases, creatives will receive their proportional incentive payout monthly (when the seller receives their monthly installment payment).

  • As a seller, can I stop offering this incentive in future

    Absolutely, you can disable this incentive at any time. However if any of your domains were submitted while the incentive was active, the creative will still receive the incentive payout if the domain is purchased by that contest holder.

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