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Allow other creatives to pitch your Marketplace Domains to contests
Allow other creatives to pitch your Marketplace Domains to contests

Learn how you can allow our creatives to pitch your relevant domains to naming contests

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One of the benefits of our platform is that we host hundreds of naming contests every month with customers ranging from early stage startups to Fortune 500 companies looking to name their brands. 

You can now get your premium domains in front of our Contest holders by allowing other creatives to submit those names to the contests! 

How Does It Work?

From your Marketplace Dashboard, click on Seller Preferences.

From this page, Under "Submission to Contests", you can allow other creatives to submit your premium domains to naming contests. 

This option is disabled by default. If you actively participate in contests yourself, you can keep this option disabled.

How Do Payments Work? 

If your name is selected as the winner, the creative who submitted the domain will receive the full contest award.  

If the customer purchases the domain, you will receive your full payout based upon the selling price and commission rules for that domain. 

Note: If you submit the name yourself, we typically offer a discount to the customer equal to the contest award. In other words, that discount is funded by us even though you, as the seller, receive the proceeds as per the original selling price of the contest.  However, if another creative submits the domain on your behalf, the customer will not automatically receive the discount for their domain purchase (since the contest award will be paid out to the creative). 

How Do I Submit Other Seller's Names to Contests?

From the contest/ Submit Entry page, you will see a special link which will allow you to access all names that have been approved by sellers to be submitted to contests. You can select the most relevant name for submission to contests. 

In order to make sure that contests do not receive too many premium name submissions, creatives will only be able to submit a handful of premium names to each contest. These limits will be automatically set by our system and may change over time.  Therefore, use your best judgement in picking the most relevant names when submitting to contests. 

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