Sellers: How to Update Your Name Servers

Instructions for updating your domain name servers

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Atom require sellers to point their domains to Atom's name servers at all times. This policy applies for Premium listings. Sellers are not required to point the name servers to Atom for Standard Listings, however there are several benefits of pointing name servers to Atom for Standard Listings as well.

Here are the instructions to point your domains to Atom Name Servers:

Edit the nameservers for your domain in your registrar’s control panel. Set the first and second nameservers to:

Leave any other nameservers blank.

Once you’ve done this, it can take 24 – 48 hours for your changes to propagate across the internet. 

Atom will automatically check if your domain is pointed to us at random intervals. If you prefer, you can ask Atom to check right away, by visiting your Marketplace Listings Dashboard and clicking Check DNS

Important: While the domain is listed with Atom Premium marketplace, you must continue to point your Name Servers to Atom at all time. Failure to update your name servers to Atom will result in delisting of your domain, and further account restrictions. 

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