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How to Sell Domains in Wholesale Marketplace
How to Sell Domains in Wholesale Marketplace

Learn how to sell your domains in Wholesale Marketplace

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We offer a private section for sellers to buy and sell domains at Wholesale prices. Learn more about our Wholesale Marketplace

What Kind of Domains Can I Sell In The Wholesale Marketplace

You can now sell both your Premium Listings as well as Standard Listings in the Wholesale Marketplace.

The only requirement is that these must be verified listings. For Standard listings, there are two ways to verify ownership

  • Option 1: Point name servers to Atom (,

  • Option 2: Add a TXT record to verify ownership

If your domain is currently not listed in, you can first add it as a Standard listing. After verification, you can follow the steps below to list the domain in the Wholesale Marketplace.

How to List My Domains in the Wholesale Marketplace

Go to your listings page (either Premium Listings or Standard Listings) in your dashboard.

Click on the listing that you would like to change and from the options that will be shown below, select "Wholesale".

Next, enter the wholesale price and submit to save.

After the price has been added, the domain will automatically appear in our Wholesale Marketplace after a few minutes.

Approved Wholesale Buyers will be able to discover the domain from our Wholesale Marketplace using several search options (such as keyword, price, TLDs taken, age, industry, etc.)

How to Remove My Domains From The Wholesale Marketplace

Simply change the Wholesale price back to 0, and the domain will be removed from the Wholesale Marketplace within a few minutes.

You can also go to your Wholesale Listings page from My Account section, and you can delete the Wholesale listing

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