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How to setup White-label Seller Marketplace
How to setup White-label Seller Marketplace

Learn all about the new white-label seller Marketplace offered by our platform

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The White-label Seller Marketplace is a new feature, currently available to sellers by invitation only.

You can launch your own white label Domain Marketplace, powered by Atom's cutting-edge Technology and World-class Customer Service.

Video Instructions

Step By Step Instructions

Under your left navigation, click on Standard Listings/Configure Marketplace.

Standard Listings are an easy way to upload your domains in bulk or one at a time. You can learn more about the differences between Standard Listings and Premium Listings in our Help Article.

Settings & Routing

1. Add "Your Website URL". This would be the URL buyers will type to visit your Marketplace.

2. Sign in to your registrar and make sure the Nameservers for your domain name are set to the default of the registrar.

3. Update your domain name DNS to remove any existing A records. Add the following two A records



Important: Please ensure that these A records are added for both the root domain as well as the www suffix. For example, if your domain name is "", you need to make sure that these A records are set up for both as well as

Check your registrar's help section on how to add "A records". Here is an example for GoDaddy:

5. Wait anywhere from 5 minutes to 24 hours for DNS to propagate.

6. Go back to your browser and type in your custom domain URL. You should see your custom Marketplace.

7. Choose how the landing pages are routed. If you want buyers to land directly on your Marketplace landing page, choose "My Marketplace" under Landing Page Destination. This option helps build a sense of ownership for your domain portfolio.

Or, you can select the option to redirect buyers to Atom's Marketplace. This option adds a large sense of credibility and trust behind your domains since Atom is a recognized business.

Custom Branding

In Standard Listing Marketplace Configuration, you can upload a custom Logo, Favicon, and even add custom texts and images. You can change the contact settings that are visible on your Marketplace. You can also choose different themes for your Marketplace (Modern or Professional). Many of the features you can choose from are similar for both the Modern and Professional theme.

Professional Theme:

Modern Theme:

Favicon and Banner:

Contact Settings

Analytics & Tracking

Your Marketplace comes pre-configured with several analytics that are visible directly from your dashboard. For additional flexibility, you can also add your Google Analytics Tracking ID if you would like to track the visits and other analytics in your own Google Analytics account.

Adding Domains To Your Custom Marketplace

Adding domains to your Marketplace is super easy. In order to add additional domains, you can upload in Bulk (with a CSV file or via Text box).

If you are entering domains via text box, please add them in this format (domain name, price). For example:

domainname1, 1299

domainname2, 1999

You have the option to set the domain name servers to us. Simply point the name servers to and Based upon your preference, the buyers will land directly on your custom Marketplace landing page, or on our branded landing page.

If you do not point your name servers to us, you may not get access to certain features such as Live Chat and Marketing. In this case, you will also need to verify the ownership of your domains by adding TXT records to your domains.

How to add TXT Records

This step is only needed if you are not pointing your domain name servers to us.

On the My Domains page in your Standard Listings, you will see an indication to verify your domains after you have added a few of your names.

Once you click on 'Verify now', you should see the Domain Verification Instructions:

Copy your Verification Code and add this as a TXT record under the DNS settings for all your domains, then go back to your dashboard and hit "Begin Verification". The same TXT record can be added for all the domains you are adding to the white label Marketplace.

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