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White-Label Marketplace - Terms & Conditions
White-Label Marketplace - Terms & Conditions

Terms for the Beta White Label, Seller Branded Marketplace

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Last Updated: Aug 23, 2020

The Seller Branded Marketplace allows you to launch your own white label Domain Marketplace (WLM), powered by Atom's cutting-edge Technology and World-class Customer Service. Learn more about the Seller Branded Marketplace.

These Terms and Conditions apply to You (the seller) and Atom platform. Please see our Terms of Service for the entire agreement that governs your access and usage of

General Terms & Conditions

  • Atom reserves the right to approve or deny access to the White-label Marketplace

  • As a Seller of a Domain listed on the White Label Marketplace, you represent and warrant that you are the legal registrant of the domain.

  • Until the Domain Transfer is complete, the customers have the ability to cancel their purchase. In that case, the customer's payment will be refunded and you will not receive any compensation. The domain name will be re-listed for sale in the Marketplace.

  • Your account must be active and in good standing in order to maintain access to the White-label Marketplace

  • This service is currently being offered as a Beta offering, and certain features may not work as expected. In addition, Atom may amend these Terms from time to time based upon the learnings from the Beta phase.

Commission Structure & Pricing

  • For any listings that are added to the white-label Marketplace, the standard Atom commission will be 7.5% of the selling price.

  • Your Premium listings will be automatically visible in your White-label Marketplace.

  • For any Atom Registered Premium listings purchased via white-label Marketplace, the Atom commission will be as per the original commission rules for those listings.

  • For any seller owned Premium Listings purchased from your White-label Marketplace, you will receive a credit equaling 20% of the share of Atom commission. For example, if a premium Domain is sold from Atom Premium Marketplace for $2000 with 25% Atom commission, the standard Atom share of commission would be $500. However if the same domain is sold via your white-label Marketplace, you will receive an additional 20% credit from Atom share of commission. Therefore, the net Atom commission in above example will be $400. This credit, if eligible, will be payable upon the successful completion of Transfer to the buyer.


  • At this point, there are no setup fees or ongoing fees to set up the White-label Marketplace. You only pay a commission once your domain sells, as per the rules outlined above.

Name Servers

You are allowed to list domains to your white-label Marketplace without pointing your name servers to Atom. If you point your name servers to Atom, the domains will also be eligible for the following additional benefits:

  • Your domains will be automatically included in a newly created "Domains For Sale" section on This section is different from the Premium domains section and will be accessible to the visitors coming to

  • 24X7 Live chat / sales support offered by the team

  • Atom advertising promotion (for the domains with Logo design)

If you do not point your name servers to Atom, we may require an alternate form of verification to confirm your ownership (e.g. addition of TXT records).

Landing Pages

All Premium listings will continue to point to Atom Marketplace Branded landing pages. However for any listings, you add to the white label Marketplace, you have the option to choose your own White label landing page or Atom landing page.

Premium listings can be removed as per the Terms of the Marketplace (after giving a notice to Atom, and as long as there is no active buyer interest or pending contest where the name received high ratings). If such listings are added to the white label Marketplace, they will not receive the complimentary logo design or any other premium benefits which were previously offered for the Premium listing. Delisting a premium domain after the knowledge of a potential buyer interest is against our Terms.

Logo Design

You can request a Logo Design for domains added to the White-label Marketplace by paying $5 per Logo. The Logo will be created by our curated community of professional Logo Designers.

The domains which include an Atom created Logo Design will also be eligible for Retargeting Advertising/Promotion via various digital channels. If the Domain is included in a retargeting ad, the advertising costs will be paid by Atom.

Note: Adding an Atom created Logo Design does not always guarantee inclusion in Atom Paid Marketing. A name may not be included in paid advertising if (a) it contains words that might be considered offensive or controversial, (b) it is associated with a category that is not allowed by advertising platforms, or (c) if Atom determines that the quality of the name is below the minimum acceptable quality standards.

Lifestyle/ Visual Images

Atom allows you to generate Visual Images for your domain name in order to provide better visual context for your names. Any such images generated can only be used on Atom Platform, or on your WLM website. You may use such images to promote your listings on social media. You are not allowed to use these images on any other third party websites or Marketplaces.

Other Terms

Atom Marketplace may, in its sole and absolute discretion, remove any names that might be considered obscene, vulgar, hurtful, or objectionable. In addition, the sellers must adhere to Terms of Service for their White Label Marketplace as well.

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