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Our Marketplace now allows sellers to change some of their names to "Make An Offer". This removes the "Buy It Now" price from the Domain and any potential buyers would need to make an offer on the Domain. 

Once an offer is made by a potential Buyer, you will receive a notification about the offer. In addition, you will see the pending and recent offers directly in your Marketplace listings page. 

As a seller of the Domain, you can either accept the offer, reject the offer or counter the offer with an alternate price.  If you counter the offer, the buyer will be notified, and they will have an opportunity to accept or reject your counter offer. 

Important Notes

  1. You can only switch 10% of your portfolio to "Make Offer". For example, if you have 84 domains listed in the premium domain marketplace, you  will be able to switch up to 8 of your domains to a Make Offer feature. 

  2. You need a minimum of 10 live domains to switch your first domain to "Make Offer". 

  3. You can change the domains back to "Buy It Now" at any time, directly from your Marketplace listings page. 

  4. If you accept an offer, the commission to us (and your payout) will be calculated by applying your approved commission rate to the accepted offer price. 

  5. In case of SH registered domain, we will accept or reject offers on your behalf since any pricing decisions for these domains are ultimately made by our marketplace team. 

  6. Once you switch a domain to "Make Offer", the Domain landing page will immediately hide the domain price, however you may continue to see a Buy It Now price in the main Marketplace page for up to 24 hours (until the search index has been refreshed).

  7. Our platform will automatically reject any offers that are significantly below the approved selling price of the domain. 

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