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Why is my contest paused?

What does it mean when my contest is paused?

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Within your contest, there is a Contest Pause button that can be clicked at any time to pause the entries from coming in to your contest located on your contest dashboard. Simply click “Manage Contest” to find the “Pause Contest” option. 

There are a few reasons that your contest may be paused by the Atom Administrative team. If this does happen, contact our Customer Support team right away and we will be able to assist you and tell you the specific reason why your contest was paused and how you can get that resolved promptly.

PLEASE NOTE: This does not pause your contest timeline. If your contest is paused, first check to ensure that it wasn’t paused perhaps accidentally by you or if you have the Team Management feature, it could’ve been paused by somebody else in your team - that’s the first place to check.

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