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Logo Designers: How to upload Logos for Marketplace Domains
Logo Designers: How to upload Logos for Marketplace Domains

Step by step process to upload logos for other sellers in Marketplace

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Atom allows professional logo designers to get paid for designing logos for domains in our Marketplace. If your account is already authorized, follow the steps below to upload Logos. If your account is not yet authorized, send an email to along with 3-5 sample logo designs for any names in our Marketplace. 

Step 1: View Pending Logo Assignments

From "My Account" page, on the left nav, click on "My Assigned Logos"

Step 2: Assign Logos To Yourself

You will be shown a list of logos that awaiting assignment. You can select up-to 20 logos from this list and assign to yourself. Once you have assigned a Logo to yourself, you must design and upload a Logo within 48 hours. Therefore, only assign as many logos that you can complete in the next 48 hours. 

Step 3: Design and Upload Logos

Once you have designed the logos, choose "My Assigned Logos" from your Logo Assignment page and click on Upload Logo next to the name that you have designed. 

You will be required to upload the following three files: 

  • Main Logo Image  (750 X 450 px)

  • Square Logo Image (800 X 800 px)

  • Source File in .AI Format

Step 4: Get Paid Automatically

Our System will automatically deposit funds into your account every 7 days. You can withdraw these funds via Paypal or Payoneer. 

Important Notes:

  • Sellers will have the ability to rate your logos. Your ability to assign more logos in future will be based on your overall ratings. If you continue to get high ratings on your logo design, you will be able to assign more logos to you. 

  • In some situations, Sellers may request a redesign on your logo. If the redesign is requested and approved by Atom, the payout for that logo will be on hold until the redesign has been completed. If you have already received payment for the logo, you must still complete the redesign. 

  • All Logos designed and uploaded by this process will be the property of Atom. By receiving compensation for a Logo design, you automatically agree to transfer any intellectual property rights for that logo to Atom, You are not authorized to use or display that Logo for any  purpose, outside Atom platform. 

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