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Payouts and Policies for Marketplace Logo Designers
Payouts and Policies for Marketplace Logo Designers

Terms and Guidelines for Marketplace Logo Designers

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As an approved Marketplace Logo Designer, you must adhere to the Logo Design Guidelines while designing the Logos. In addition, please refer to the following Terms in relation to Marketplace Logo Designs


The compensation to Logo Designers consists of two parts:

a) Base Payment

b) Bonus Payment

Base Payment:

Logo Designers receive a fixed base compensation per Logo for the Logo Designs successfully uploaded. The exact amount of compensation is communicated to you at the time of your approval. This amount may be adjusted in future based upon your overall ratings and other factors. Any such changes will be communicated to you directly.

Bonus Payment:

If your Logos receive a "Love It" rating, you may be eligible for a Bonus Payment for the Logo Design. The exact bonus payment amount will be communicated to you directly. In order to be eligible to receive the bonus payment, you must maintain a minimum of 4.6 Average Rating and your account must be in Good Standing.

The Bonus payments will be calculated on a weekly basis and will apply towards any Logos that were completed on or after Feb 8, 2021. If the Logo receives a Love It rating during that week, you will receive a Bonus payment for that Logo Design as long as you meet the eligibility requirements.

Logo Assignment and Unassignment

Assignment of Logos

Based upon your overall ratings, there are limits on how many Logos can you assign to yourself per day. You can decide which Logos to assign to yourself from the available pools of domains which are pending a Logo Design.

Once a Logo has been assigned by you, you must upload a Design within 48 hours. Failure to upload your Logo Designs within 48 hours can impact your account's standing.

Once you upload a Logo Design, the seller will have an opportunity to rate the Logo Design and provide feedback. You will have the option to upload another Logo Design based upon the rating and feedback. Once you have uploaded a new Logo Design, the seller will be able to update their rating.


You now have the ability to unassign a Logo from your list. This will put the domain back in the pool for other designers.

If you unassign a Logo after you have already uploaded a Logo design, that design will be deleted and you will not receive any compensation for the design.

If the Logo received a low rating, those ratings will no longer be counted if you unassign the Logo.

Other Terms and Guidelines

  • The payouts for Base Logo Design Payments as well as Bonus Payments are made on a weekly basis.

  • You will have an option to "unassign" a Logo Design as long as you have not yet been paid for the Logo Design. In that case, the Logo will be available for assignment to other creatives and you will not longer receive any compensation for the Logo Design. If you received a negative rating for the Logo, your negative rating will be removed once the Logo has been unassigned.

  • You also have the option to redesign Logos for which you have received a negative rating or additional feedback from the seller. Once you upload a new design, the seller will have the option to rate the Logo Design again.

  • Atom team may reject certain Logo Designs if they do not meet the quality criteria or design guidelines. In those cases, Atom team may ask you to redesign the Logo, or the Logo may be reassigned to other Logo Designers. If a Logo is reassigned to other Logo Designers, you will not receive compensation for that name.

  • If you maintain high overall ratings, you will have the opportunity to receive "Early Access" to pending Logo designs. This will allow you to assign logo designs to yourself ahead of other designers who do not have the Early Access benefit.

  • You are not allowed to discuss your specific payments with

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