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Marketplace Sellers: Work with your Favorite Logo Designers
Marketplace Sellers: Work with your Favorite Logo Designers

Learn how to choose your favorite Logo Designers for designing your Marketplace domains

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This feature is currently available to Gold and Platinum Sellers.

You now have the option to select your favorite Logo Designer who will design your Logos.

You can browse through our top rated designers, view their Logo designs and select your favorite designer to design your Marketplace Logos.

Here is how the feature works:

1. From your Seller Preferences page, choose a Favorite Logo Designer. You can view their current portfolio as well as their overall ratings.

2. When you publish new domains, your Favorite Logo designer will be given the opportunity to work on your Logo Designs for the first 48 hours. If the Logo designer is busy, or has reached their max daily limit, the name will be made available to the pool of other Logo designers.

3. When your Logos are designed, continue to rate the Logos and provide feedback to the designer.

4. Atom pays a bonus to Logo Designers who receive high ratings. In addition, the overall rating of Logo Designer determines their daily limits and other benefits.

Important Points:

  1. Only those Logo designers who have achieved an overall rating of 4.5* or higher will be eligible to be selected as a Favorite Designer

  2. This benefit is only available to Gold and Platinum Sellers

  3. This benefit only applies to Domains where a coin was used during submission. For free submissions, the Logos will be assigned to the designers based upon availability.

  4. You will be able to change your preferred designer at any time.

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