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What is Expert Review Score?

Learn about the Expert Review Score for Marketplace Reviews

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All domains submitted to Atom Marketplace (with the exception of unregistered domains) are now reviewed by multiple outside Domain Experts. The Domain Experts are individuals with many years of Domaining experience and/ or a strong track record in brand naming. They have been authorized by Atom team to review all submitted Domains. 

For each submitted domain, we collect multiple votes from Domain Experts, and calculate a score based on following formula:

Expert Review Score = Favorite Votes Received / Total Votes Received

If a domain receives a high Expert Review Score, it has a greater likelihood of getting accepted in the Atom Marketplace. Conversely, if a domain does not receive favorite votes from most Expert Reviewers, it is highly likely that the domain will not be accepted in the Marketplace. 

For several domains, the acceptance or rejection will be handled automatically based upon the final Expert Review Score. 

Atom Team will continue to manually review the following submissions:

  • If the results of Expert Reviews are not conclusive

  • If the Domain is priced higher than our auto approval threshold (e.g. Priced above $2499)

  • If the domain is not yet registered. 

Learn More about our Expert Review Process


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