Early Payoff Incentives for Payment Plans

Offer incentives to buyers for early completion of payment plans

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Payment Plans can be a great option to achieve higher Sell-through rates on your domains. While Payment plans can provide an ongoing stream of cash-flow, they also come with a risk of cancellation. In addition, most sellers prefer to receive payment upfront vs spreading them out over a longer duration.

In order to incentivize the buyers to Payoff their remaining balance early, you now have the option to offer an early payoff discount to the buyers.

How Does It Work?

From your Transfer Center, select "Send Early Payoff Offer to Buyer"

From the popup, you can select the discount you would like to offer. Note: You can select a max discount up to 15% of the remaining payoff balance.

The Buyer will be notified about the offer and they will have the option to payoff the domain early.

Important Notes & Tips

  • The discount will be valid till the due date of next installment payment.

  • You can only send one offer throughout the Term of the installment plan

  • If the buyer accepts the offer and pays off the domain, the Domain purchase price will be adjusted to reflect the additional discount. Our commission will be based upon the new adjusted Domain Price

  • This feature is available for both Premium and Standard Listings. It is currently not available for Atom Registered Domains

  • If the buyer has already completed more than half the installments, we do not recommend offering additional discounts because the buyer is much more likely to complete the remaining payment plan without needing any additional incentive

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