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Terms for Purchasing a domain via a Payment Plan on Our Platform

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Atom provides a payment plan option for selected domains available in our marketplace. After the initial payment is received, we will transfer the domain to an Atom managed registrar account and allow you to update its DNS settings. The domain will remain under Atom's managed registrar account until the full purchase price is paid in full. Once the payment is completed, we will assist you (the Buyer) with obtaining full control and ownership of the domain.

Specific Terms for Installment Plans:

  • You agree to pay monthly installments until the full purchase price for the domain is paid

  • After your first installment, Atom can assist you with changing the name servers to your preferred hosting provider. You may contact us via email or chat to request changes, which are typically processed within 1-2 business days.

  • Until the full payment is received, the domain will be held by Atom in an Atom registrar account managed by our team.

  • The domain will be marked as "Sold" on our marketplace.

  • Upon completion of payment, Atom will transfer the domain to your ownership.

  • Your credit card will be automatically billed on the monthly due date. If we are unable to bill your card, you have 10 days to provide another payment method.

Non Payment & Cancellation

  • Failure to make an installment payment within 10 days of the due date will result in automatic cancellation of the purchase and forfeiture of any previous payments.

  • As a Buyer, you also have the option to request cancellation of the payment plan at any time. To request cancellation, you must notify Atom at least 48 hours before the next installment payment due date. Once a plan has been cancelled, Atom will no longer bill you for any future payments. Please send an email to service@squadhelp.com to request cancellation.

  • In case of automatic cancellation, or Buyer requested cancellation, the domain will be re-listed for sale on Atom marketplace and any custom DNS settings previously requested by the Buyer will be removed.

  • Previously received payments are non-refundable under any circumstances.

Additional Terms:

  • You have the option to pay the remaining balance in full at any time.

  • During the payment plan, the domain may not be used for any illegal activities, including Spam, Phishing, or Deceptive services. Violating this policy may result in immediate termination of the payment plan.

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