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Payment Plan (LTO) Sales - Terms for Sellers

Terms for sellers regarding domains sold via Payment Plans (LTO)

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Atom offers the ability for sellers to sell domains via Payment Plans (Lease to Own) on our platform.

1. Enabling/Disabling Installment Options

Sellers can choose to enable or disable the installment payment option for their Premium and Standard Marketplace domain listings.

2. Payment Collection

When a buyer opts for an installment plan, Atom will automatically collect monthly payments from the buyer until the domain is fully paid off or the plan is canceled.

3. Domain Transfer to Atom

Upon receipt of the first payment, sellers must transfer the domain ownership to an Atom-managed registrar account.

4. Payment Plan Duration

  • The maximum term for an payment plan is 36 months for domains priced above $10,000. Buyers have the option to select shorter durations.

  • In some instances, payment plans may be limited to either 6 or 12-month durations, depending on the selling price.

  • Atom may also allow sellers to offer 48 month payment plans in some situations (typically for domains above $100K)

5. DNS Management

After the first installment, our domain specialists will assist the buyer in updating the name servers or DNS as per buyer's request.

6. Domain Holding

Until the domain is fully paid off, Atom holds the domain in an Atom-managed registrar account. Sellers can offer early payoff discounts for buyers as an additional incentive for the buyer to payoff the remaining balance.

7. Payment Failures & Grace Period

If we cannot charge the buyer’s credit card for a due installment, the buyer will have 10 business days from the installment due date to provide an alternate payment method.

8. Non-Payment & Cancellation

Should the buyer fail to complete the remaining installment payments, any already paid installments will be forfeited. The domain will be listed for sale again on our marketplace, and its name servers will revert to our servers. Sellers can request the transfer of domain ownership back to their account in the case of seller-owned domains.

9. Domain Renewal Costs

Atom will pay for renewal fees for .com domains while they are held in our registrar Escrow account. For all other domain extensions, the seller is responsible for renewal fees during the payment plan period.

10. Payout Schedule

Sellers will receive their portion of each installment payment monthly, within 3-5 business days of Atom receiving the payment and verification of funds.

11. Cancellation & Refunds

  • The seller is entitled to receive payouts only for installment payments that have been received and verified by Atom.

  • All payments undergo a verification process, and Atom may, at its sole discretion, issue refunds to buyers in situations such as fraud risks or verification failures. In cases where a refund is issued, the seller will not receive compensation for the refunded portion of the payment.

  • If a payment plan is cancelled, seller is not entitled to receive any compensation for the future unpaid installments

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