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Learn how you can improve discovery of domains by adding Related Keywords

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Our AI and Marketplace search use several dynamic signals to display the most relevant domains to buyers based upon their browsing history and search keywords.

In order to further improve the discovery of your domains, you can now assign Related Keywords to your domains.

In order to minimize additional work for sellers, our AI will automatically detect relevant keywords based upon the root words for your domains. However you have the option to further fine tune these keywords to further improve the discovery.

Why are we adding Related Keywords?

As the marketplace evolves, we believe that our search solution needs to continue to evolve in order to ensure that buyers have the ability to discover the most relevant domains for their use case. In the case of Brandable domains, we believe a static keyword based search solution is not enough. This is an area where we will continue to invest significant effort to ensure a dynamic and relevant search experience that maximizes the exposure for domains.

In the past, several sellers have used a “keyword stuffing” approach to populate the description in order to rank their names for many keyword searches. Not only does that lead to a poor customer experience for buyers, it also opens the room for misuse where certain sellers may use this technique to achieve an unfair advantage in ranking their names.

Moreover, having the list of additional keywords opens up additional exposure and discovery opportunities for your domains (not only in Search, but also in our AI based recommendations)

The Related Keywords feature will allow us to move to the next stage of AI based discovery and further improve the relevance of names for our buyers.

Do I have to manually come up with the Related Keywords?

No. In most cases, our AI will provide the recommended keywords for your domains. These keywords are the most popular words that best correlate with the root words, based upon the buyer’s search data.

The AI will never be 100% but we believe it provides a good starting point for most domains. Sellers have the ability to further fine tune the keywords by editing them or they can leave the ones that are suggested by AI.

Once you have edited the keywords, the AI will never overwrite your work.

How can I add or Edit these keywords?

From your Marketplace Listings page, click on "Edit Classification" next to the domain and you can review or update the keywords in the popup. Alternatively, you can use Google Sheets integration to update these keywords in bulk.

How will related keywords be used in search?

Our search algorithm will consider these keywords to showcase relevant names based upon what the buyer is searching for. We will always give a higher priority to the root words and the possible uses but these keywords will allow additional opportunities for your names to be discovered in searches where they were not appearing before.

Our AI technology will also use this information to further improve our recommendations for buyers based upon their browsing experience.

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