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Messaging Guidelines For Contest Holders

Policy and Guidelines for communicating with creatives

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As a Contest Holder, you have the ability to communicate with creatives by sending private or public messages. We strongly encourage taking advantage of messaging to provide ongoing feedback to creatives. 

In order to protect the intellectual property of creatives, and to promote a constructive environment, your messages should adhere to these guidelines. 

  • Never Disclose a Creative's Entry: All entries submitted to your contest are private and are only visible to you. Respect the intellectual property of the creatives by not disclosing their submissions in a public message that is visible to other creatives. 

  • No Rude or Obscene Language: Any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, or otherwise violate any laws

  • No Solicitation or Offers: You can not send private messages to creatives to discuss any services or projects outside the Atom platform. All discussions must pertain to your current Atom Contest.  

  • Cannot share personal information: You are not allowed to share personal information such as an email address or phone number using private messaging.

Read through our Engagement Practices article for more details regarding how to effectively and respectfully connect and communicate with our creatives.

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