Boost the Ranking of Marketplace Domains

A new Beta feature that allows you to boost the ranking of your Marketplace domains

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Now you can increase the visibility of your Marketplace listings by selecting the "Boost" feature. 

We offer two options to Boost your domains. 

Standard Boost (Requires 500 Points):  

Increase the relative rank of your domain by several pages. Your domain may not move all the way to the top of the marketplace, but should result in a significant improvement in the position for next 7 days (especially if it currently ranks low in the marketplace). 

Super Boost (Limited Slots Available Based on Membership Benefits): 

Our Silver, Gold and Platinum Sellers receive complimentary super boosts every year. You can use those benefits to move your domain all the way to the top 10% of the Marketplace. An exact position is not guaranteed but your page will likely maintain a top 10% position in the Marketplace for next 7 days. 

Note: We previously offered "Paid Coins" options for Super Boosts and Standard Boosts. These options are currently not available.

Here's how it works: 

  • From your Marketplace Listings page, select "Boost Visibility"

  • Select a Standard or Super Boost option

  • Confirming this option will deduct appropriate number of points from your account, and your name will receive a higher ranking in our Marketplace for 7 days. 

Important Notes: 

  • You can not boost the same name more than once within the same month. 

  • We only offer a total of 100 slots for Super boosting option. Once these slots are taken, you will no longer be able to Super boost your domains until one of the slots frees up. 

  • This feature is only beneficial if your name currently ranks low in the Marketplace. If the name is currently visible after just a few scrolls on the main marketplace page, boosting it will not add much benefit. 

  • A boost will not likely move the domain to the first page of the Marketplace, but it should move the position substantially higher than the current position.

  • The changes in rank can take up to 24 hours after you select this option.  

  • This is a Beta feature and we may change the rules related to this feature based upon its usage. 

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