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For Sellers: Rate Logos In Marketplace

Learn how you can benefit from the "Rate Logos" feature in Our Marketplace

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As an Atom Marketplace seller, you now have the ability to rate all Logos in the Atom Marketplace.  This offers several benefits: 

  • Our Logo Designers will have a much better ideas of Logo Styles that you like. This way when they design new logos, they will take your design preferences into account. 

  • If a Logo for your listed name receives too many poor ratings by other sellers, Atom may proactively replace that Logo with a different Logo at no extra cost to you. 

  • The overall Logo ratings will allow Atom to determine the relative performance of each Logo Designer. This way, we can work with individual designers and better address any design/ quality issues. 

Here's how you can rate Logos: 

  • Go to any Domain Landing page from the Atom Marketplace

  • Select an appropriate rating under the section "Rate Logo Design"

  • Note: You can rate as many logos as you like (including other seller's logos). 

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