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Guide for creatives approved for Expert Domain Classification Service

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Our platform is now offering the opportunity for Creatives to complete domain classifications! This includes the description, primary and secondary category, root words, type, ideas and emotions. 

When it comes to classifying domains, there are several important elements, which, if done correctly, can result in more visitability for a domain with the right prospective domain buyers.

In this article, we'll touch on the best practices for classifying domains and how you can thoughtfully and seamlessly write descriptions that make sense. 

Before start classifying domains, make sure you read our best practices:

How Do I Begin Classifying Domains

Let’s look at how to begin classifying other user’s domains. 

Logging In 

Once you’re logged in, go to the Navigation area on the left hand side of your browser. Click Marketplace, then click Pending Classifications:

Assign To Me

Once you click on Pending Classifications, you’ll be directed to the list of domains you can work on. 

You will see a list of domains and a blue button that says Assign To Me. You can choose which domains you would like to work on and directly see the amount you will receive for completing the classification under Payment Type. (Some domainers will pay upfront anywhere from $1 to $2, while others pay once the domain is complete.)

After Assigning Domains

Once you’ve selected the domains you’d like to classify, you can begin the process by clicking on the Edit Details button. 

Editing Domain Details

By clicking on Edit Details, you’ll be able to edit the description, add the root words, primary category, secondary categories (also referred to as Possible Uses) and the big ideas / emotions. 

Once you’ve completed the classification of the domain, you can simply check the box marked ‘Mark As Classification Completed’ and click the ‘Submit’ button. This will successfully save the classification you have completed. 

If you begin the domain classification but are unable to finish, you can simply save your work and return to finalize the classification once you’re ready. 

Note: Classifications are due within 48 hours of being ordered by the domain owner. 

You may notice the prompt for ‘How Is It Pronounced’ and ‘Select Voice’ before the Submit button. Domainers oftentimes will complete this part, but in the case it is not done, input to the best of your abilities how the domain is pronounced. 


  • Vusol would be Va Sol.

  • Elizy would be E Lizzy

  • Gemacci would be Gem Achi.


We are excited to offer these new opportunity. Please remember it is critical that you follow our classification best practices before classifying domains: 

Remember that researching companies that already exist is an excellent resource and tool. You can learn a lot by studying companies within a specific industry and staying up to date on new startups.

Remember that it is not about your preferences but about making logical and informed decisions to get names found by the right buyers at the right time!

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