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Additional Features For Your White Label Marketplace (WLM) Domains
Additional Features For Your White Label Marketplace (WLM) Domains

Discover and learn about the additional features available for your WLM domains.

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Within your domains section of your Marketplace, you have several additional features you can easily apply to any and all of your domains.

The additional features include:

  • Switch to "Make An Offer"

  • Upgrade to Premium

  • Add a logo

  • Request classification

  • Edit installments

  • Update price

  • Add visual image

  • Delete

Video Instructions

Step By Step Instructions

Under your left navigation, click on Seller Marketplace/Domains.

Exploring the Additional Features

To the right of your domain names, you'll see the column 'Actions.' Underneath that, you can click on the button to review the different features you can apply towards any of your listed domains.

Note that several of these features you can find within the bulk editor within the Google Sheet Integration. Oftentimes, it will make more sense to edit your domains there, but if you are only editing one or two domains, then you can easily edit them here.

Switch to "Make An Offer"

This feature allows you to change your domain pricing from a listed price to make an offer. If you are unfamiliar with this feature, please be sure to check out our Google Sheet Integration article for more details.

Upgrade to Premium

You have the ability to upgrade your domains to Premium. This allows you to push a name for consideration into our Premium Marketplace. A great, easy way to do this is to upload your domains into a White Label Marketplace, then simply select 'Upgrade to Premium."

Add Logo

You have two options when adding a logo design to your domains. Option 1 allows you to receive a professionally designed logo for $5. Option 2 allows you to upload a logo design of your own that has zero cost.

Logos are a great way to add depth to a domain name, help catch the eye, and tell a deeper story to potential buyers.

Request Classification

You have the option to pay the Creatives to help you classify your domains. You can pay either $1 or $2 dollars to have this done. When offering to pay more, the idea is to attract more talent to complete your classifications and often get it done in a quick and timely manner.

Classifications are a great way to increase domain discoverability and aid in the final sale. Domain descriptions are a great way to tell a bigger story about the name.

Edit Installments

You can select how many installment payments you're willing to take for your domains.

Update Price

This feature allows you to update the final price of your domain for sale.

Add Visual Image

You can add or change the visual image that goes with your domain. If you want to change one particular visual image, you simply select 'add visual image', select your Primary Category, choose the image you want, and click 'Create New Image.'


You can simply delete your domains as well.

Bulk Actions

One last feature you can use here is the bulk editing options. You can simply click on the domains that you would like to edit, or select all the domains and unselect the names you don't want to edit.

This feature is different than the Google Sheets Integration, which is often the best way to accomplish bulk updates. Note that 'Request Logos' and 'Request Classification' cannot be done in bulk within Google Sheets Integration.

In addition to these features within your White Label Marketplace, we have recently announced our Revenue Generating Landing Pages and AI-Based Smart Recommendations.

With the revenue-generating landing page feature, you can earn a referral commission by pointing your domains to our site.

If a buyer comes directly to your landing page by typing your Domain URL, we will keep track of the buyer's visit and their purchase activity for 7 days by storing a "Cookie" on their computer.

If instead of purchasing your domain, the buyer purchases another domain from our Marketplace (belonging to another seller), you will earn a commission.

Read more about this feature in our in-depth help article.

The AI-Based Smart Recommendations feature takes the guesswork out of optimizing your domain portfolio and can help increase your domain visibility. This new feature will offer personalized recommendations for your domain portfolio to help increase your domain exposure.

Check out our in-depth article to learn more.


This covers the additional features you can utilize to amplify your domain portfolio and help you understand the platform a bit better.

As mentioned before, many of these features are available within the Google Sheets Integration and can easily be accomplished there.

As always, if you have any questions regarding this process, our 24x7 Chat Support Team is always ready to help answer any questions you have.

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