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How to Setup Google Sheets Integration for Domain Listings
How to Setup Google Sheets Integration for Domain Listings

Make bulk updates and additions to your domains by using Google Sheets

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You have the option to handle Bulk updates to your Domains straight from your Marketplace dashboard. However, the Google Sheets integration offers a much more efficient and powerful mechanism to make changes to your portfolio. This feature is available for Standard, White Label Marketplace, and Premium listings.

You can use Google Sheets to perform following types of actions:

  • Update prices in Bulk

  • Add discounts in Bulk

  • Set Floor Price in Bulk

  • Setup Installment Plan options or Make Offer option in Bulk

  • Add or Update Descriptions, Categories or Root Words

  • Remove Domains in Bulk

  • Add new Domains in Bulk

Video Instructions

Step By Step Instructions

Under your left navigation, click on Standard Listings / My Domains.

Setting Up Your Google Sheets

1. To begin, add an email address that you would like to sync.

We highly recommend using a gmail address since this will offers additional features that are not available with other email providers. However, you can use whatever email you'd like.

2. Once you've provided an email, click on Export Domains to Google Sheets

And click on 'Export' when you see the prompt. Please note this will prompt a link to be emailed to you as well.

3. Click on the Google Sheets button:

Once you're in the Google Sheet, you'll be able to begin adding and editing your domains in an easy and straightforward manner. (You can also access the sheet via the link that's been emailed to you.)

Adding Domains vs Bulk Editing Domains

To add new domains via your Google Sheet, simply add the domain into blank rows, set Sync with SH to Y, and include a Selling Price. (We recommend filling out all other details per the below explanations, but Selling Price is the only required field.)

Edits to domains already in your marketplace are made by changes the information in the columns related to any specific domain.

Sync with Atom

The first feature you'll see is the Sync column. This is where you indicate to our platform if you've made an update on a specific domain. If you choose Y, we will update that domain. If you choose N, no update will be made. This option is especially helpful if you have a large domain portfolio and only edit a handful of domains at a time.

If you use a Gmail address, this column will be automatically updated when you make a change to any information for that domain.

Selling Price

When adding your selling price, be sure to not add any currency or comma (e.g. 7999). If you enter 0, the domain will switch to "Make an Offer."


You have the ability to add a discount to any of your listed domains in the Google Sheet. This should be a numerical value that correlates to the amount you would like discounted from the domains selling price (e.g. 200).

Note that the discounts reset every Monday. This provides a sense of urgency for buyers, and helps close sales.

Make An Offer

There are two ways to utilize this offer: If you leave the selling price blank and input 'Y' for Make An Offer, your domain listing will look something like this:

Buyers can then view your domains and provide an offer. This is a great option if you have a high-value domain but still have some flexibility with the price and do not want to lead with the price to defer interested buyers.

You also have the option to include a price and a make-an-offer section. In this case, the landing page will show both a list price and make offer. This is great for mid-to-high priced domains ($4000+) where you want to set expectations, but you are also willing to negotiate.

Installment Terms

Chose the maximum number of installment payments you are willing to accept: 0, 3, 12, and 24. Choose 0 if you do not want to accept installments. This and other preferences can also be set at a portfolio level, but individual domain preferences will always supersede.

Our rule of thumb is to consider how large the monthly payments will be when setting your installment terms.

Floor Price

The floor price is the lowest amount that you are willing to accept on a domain

By setting a floor price, this feature allows our 24/7 customer support team to assist you with negotiations if you happen to be unavailable or away when a buyer begins to show interest in a particular domain.

Rapidly engaging a potential buyer is one of the best ways to sell more domains. However, rest assured, we will never jump right to the floor price. We have learned a lot after selling thousands of domains, and we'll use these learning to get the best price while closing the most sales!

Domain Description

Domain buyers are consistently more interested in a domain name if there is a good description that creatively explains the name or pulls out any meaningful context. The more context a name has, it offers the higher chance of grabbing a potential buyer's attention.

Root Words

Root words are an easy way to help our AI with searchability and increase your domain visibility. These are not required, but we highly recommend implementing this simple, yet effective tool.

An easy example of this is 'Groupon' which is a blend of 'group' and 'coupon.' If we had this name within our Marketplace without these indicated root words, our system would never know that this name was built off of those key root words.

Primary Categories

Select the main category for the domain you have listed. The category name must exactly match one of categories listed in the "Categories" sheet. Simply copy and paste the category you wish to use for your domain.


Predominately, you will have active domains listed in the Marketplace. However, you have the ability to select 'N' and remove the domain(s) from your account.

Import Changes

Once you've completed any necessary steps within the Google Sheet and doing any bulk changes, you simply click on the "Import Changes From Google Sheets" button and your changes will begin to process.

Note: If you're changing a bulk of domains, it may take a few minutes to process.

Repeat Use Of this Feature

We recommend beginning by 'Exporting Domains to Google Sheets' each time you wish to make bulk updates via the Google Sheet. This will ensure when you use the Google Sheet for the second or hundredth time, you have the most updated version.


When you're going through these steps, one important feature you'll notice is within the actual Google Sheet, the second tab "Upload Instructions" will have all of the necessary details that will help guide you through the process.

If you have any questions regarding this process or any steps within the process, our 24x7 chat support team is always there to answer any questions.

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