Trademark Research For Marketplace Domains

Details on how to check for Trademark conflicts for domains sold in our marketplace

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Before using a name for your business, it is a good idea to ensure that there are no Trademark conflicts on that name. Typically the Trademark conflicts are specific to the country as well as the Industry of your business.

For example, if you are launching a Clothing Brand in the US, and if someone else has already Trademarked the same (or similar) name within the Clothing category in the US, it is not a good idea to use that name.

On the other hand, companies like "Monster" drink and "" can co-exist because they are in two different industries (one is an energy drink, and the other is an employment Marketplace).

Names sold in Atom Marketplace are not checked for Trademark conflicts upfront because the names can be used in different industries or different countries. Before purchasing a domain, we recommend that you do the necessary research to ensure there are no Trademark conflicts within your own industry (and country) for that specific name.

Atom offers a Trademark Research service where you can receive a comprehensive Trademark report for any name that you are interested in. The report provides comprehensive information on any potential conflicts within your own industry and your target country.

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