How to add Geo Listings to Geo Domain Marketplace

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Geo Domains are domains that include geographic locations, such as cities, countries and states in the domain (e.g.,

Our Geo Domains Marketplace allows buyers to discover Geo domains based on advanced discovery tool such as location based or proximity search.

By listing your Geo domains in the Geo Domain Marketplace, you can achieve a significantly higher exposure because the relevant names can be discovered by thousands of buyers who are looking for these names. Learn more about the Geo Domains Marketplace

How to Add Geo Listings?

  1. Go to your Marketplace dashboard and click on Standard Listings from your Left Menu.

2. Find the section: Add More Domains (Geo Marketplace) and select Add Geo Listings. Add your domains in the text box along with a BIN price (separated by comma).

3. Once the listings have been added, they will appear on the same page under the Standard Listings section. You can also select a Filter By Status to only show Geo Listings.

4. For Geo Domains, it is important to select a Geo Location and an Industry for better discovery in our Marketplace. Our AI Technology will automatically try to extract this information from your domain name. This step can take upto 24 hours. You also have the option to assign this information manually.

To assign this information manually, Click on the domain name to open the Classification Section. Here you can select the City/ State that your name is relevant for. Our AI technology will automatically use the location information to recommend relevant names to buyers based upon their preferred location or their current location.

You can also select a relevant Industry from the dropdown list.

5. It can take upto 24 hours for the names to be visible in the Geo Marketplace. In the meantime, please verify your ownership of the domain by pointing the name servers to our name servers ( and If you do not wish to point the name servers to us, you can verify ownership by adding a TXT record to your DNS settings.

If you point the name servers to our platform, they will be automatically eligible for our Retargeting Campaigns and additional AI recommendations. Until Dec 2021, the retargeting feature is included at no extra cost for Geo Domains.

6. You can also generate Visual Images and AI descriptions for your domains in order to improve the landing page experience, as well as SEO of your landing page.

Tips to Maximize Exposure for your Geo Domains

  • Make sure that a Location is selected for the Geo Domain so the name can be found in our proximity search

  • Make sure an Industry is selected if the name is a good for a specific industry (e.g. Legal, HVAC etc)

  • Add a description to your domain so that it ranks better in Marketplace Search as well as SEO. You can use our AI description feature to generate a rich description that can provide a good starting point.

  • Add a Visual Image to your domain. For a domain to be included in our Retargeting campaigns, it must have a Visual Image or a Logo Design. There is no cost to add a Visual Image.

  • If your name refers to multiple cities within United States, pick a city with largest population. For example, is a much better fit for Gilbert, Arizona (population: 254,114) compared to Gilbert, Minnesota (population: 1780)

  • If you promote your names via Social Media or outbounding, it can help improve the rankings in the Marketplace as well as SEO because they will achieve a better popularity compared to other names.

  • In the future we plan to add a new Cloud Broker offering where you will be able to recruit Cloud Brokers from our platform to handle Outbound Marketing for your domains.

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