Hide Other Domain Recommendations on Landing Pages

Learn how you can disable recommendations of other domains on your landing pages

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You now have the ability to hide recommendations for other domains from your domain landing pages.

If you enable this option and a buyer lands on your domain landing page, they will not see domain recommendations from other sellers on your landing pages.

By enabling this option, your domains may also not be included as recommendations in other seller's landing page. While this option may reduce any potential "leakage" of your type in traffic to other domains, it can also result in a reduced exposure for your own domains since your domains may not be included in other landing pages.

In order to enable this option, go to your Settings page under Premium Listings and click on "Opt out of Recommendations"

Please note that this change can take up-to 24-48 hours to take effect because your landing pages may be cached.

Note: Recommendations may still be shown on your landing pages if the buyer visits the page via Marketplace search (not via direct type-in)

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